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Ameriprise Letter #2

Hello Colonel Hubbard,

My name is Mara Milna and I work in the Corporate office of Ameriprise Financial. I had the opportunity to listen to you in Seattle at Neil Taylor’s advisor meeting. Your discussion moved me and as corney as it sounds, quite literally has changed my life. I have not had a bad day since then, made a flight that I thought would have been out of the question and have started training for a half marathon. When I think of quitting or don’t think I can do it, I think of you and even if my goal is not achieved, I am much further than I would have been if I hadn’t listened to you speak! I thank you!

Given that, I work in an area where we could use some of your inspiration. We are a young organization and have been through a lot of change. My leader is looking for a speaker who can motivate us. When I told him about your presentation, he asked me to contact you to see discuss the possibility of speaking to our group.
Please let me know your thoughts. If it will make sense, I would like to talk to you a bit more about our group and possibly get you in touch with my VP.

Take care,

> > > > > > > >

Mara Milne | Field Region Director
Business Alliances
Ameriprise Financial

Latest Testimonial About Ed Hubbard

Hi everyone,

In my 30 years of attending and now running Sales Conferences, I have never taken the time to pass on a recommendation for a Motivational Speaker…until now. I had the pleasure of hearing Col. Ed Hubbard speak to the ABA Retirement Funds Sales team…Candidly, after he spoke, I saw men and women in tears and simultaneously extremely energized by their own possibility…


Positive Vectors
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