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Nugget Market

Colonel Hubbard,

I heard you speak in Davis, CA 7 or 8 years ago. Do you still give that talk? I work with about 30 of our younger associates each year in a leadership program. I think your talk would be most appropriate. If you are and we decided to move forward I would invite past graduates; so an audience of 75 or so.

I hope all is well.

Dennis Lindsay

Chief Financial Officer
Nugget Market, Inc.

Latest Testimonial About Ed Hubbard

Hi everyone,

In my 30 years of attending and now running Sales Conferences, I have never taken the time to pass on a recommendation for a Motivational Speaker…until now. I had the pleasure of hearing Col. Ed Hubbard speak to the ABA Retirement Funds Sales team…Candidly, after he spoke, I saw men and women in tears and simultaneously extremely energized by their own possibility…


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