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UBS #2

Dear Col. Hubbard;

Thank you again for the very inspiring and extremely helpful message
that you delivered to our office on February, 4! I am the Financial
Advisor who was first up to the podium (after your presentation) to ask
the questions about the possibility of actually being able to write
something on the post-it.

First and most importantly, I was remiss in not saying this before; I am
deeply moved by your service to our country and am thankful for what you
did and accomplished for all of us. It is an honor and a privilege to
have heard you and to have met you!

At dinner on Feb. 4, I told my wife and my 8 & 11 year old boys about
you and some of the key points that you spoke about. That had a
positive effect on them and I will discuss this with them more in the
days and years ahead.

Your talk also had an IMMEDIATE positive impact on my business, career
and on my life! I started using some of the ideas that you told us about
as soon as I left the conference room. I have committed myself to those
concepts. I would be honored to hear you speak again. Do you have any
upcoming engagements in the Phoenix or Los Angeles areas that I could

Last week I went to L.A. to visit clients and family. On the plane I
read your book, which helped to reinforce the concepts that you spoke so
well about. While in L.A. I discussed your captivity and some of your
“lessons” with several members of my extended family. My brother and
brother-in-law were particularly interested in having you speak with one
of the non-profit organizations that they are involved in. In that
regard, what are the costs and fees to have you speak in L.A.?

Lastly, I would like to buy 3 more signed books from you. I would be
glad to either send a check or give you a credit card # over the phone,
whichever your preference, please just let me know the details.

If possible could you please address the books as follows:

To Jodi, Jules, Zack & Harrison – GBU & GBA Ed Hubbard

To Heidi, Jon, Briana & Russell – GBU & GBA Ed Hubbard

To Beth, Rod, Jenna, Gabe, Maya & Ava – GBU & GBA Ed Hubbard

I am going to give each of these books to my immediate family and to my
sister and brother-in law and their two children and to my brother and
sister-in-law and to their four kids. I’m not sure how many will read
it, but I am confident that it will be read and will have a positive
effect on many of them.

I look forward to hearing back from you. Please feel free to e-mail or
call, all of my contact information is provided below.

I like the GBU & GBA in your signature, thank you again and GBU & GBA to
you and to your family!

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Hi everyone,

In my 30 years of attending and now running Sales Conferences, I have never taken the time to pass on a recommendation for a Motivational Speaker…until now. I had the pleasure of hearing Col. Ed Hubbard speak to the ABA Retirement Funds Sales team…Candidly, after he spoke, I saw men and women in tears and simultaneously extremely energized by their own possibility…


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