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I joined UBS from Morgan Stanley’s Scottsdale office on November 7,
2008. I was with Morgan Stanley for 23 years. On February 4, 2009 Col.
Hubbard USAF (Retired) spoke to our office. This presentation was
extremely “moving” and I think it not only helped everyone in attendance
to become a better advisor, manager or sales assistant, but I strongly
feel it will have a tremendous effect on making many of us better people
and that will lead better, happier and more productive lives (at home
and at work). Needless to say, I think this was a very important event
and I am very grateful to Keith Brown and Col. Hubbard for making it
available to me. If you would like to know specifics about some of Col.
Hubbard’s concepts, please call me.

You are receiving this e-mail because Col. Hubbard or I thought you
might have an interest in organizing an event or two for him to speak
at. We are trying to arrange a time for Col. Hubbard to come to Phoenix
and Los Angeles from his home in Florida. His normal fee is $5,000 a
day plus expenses and he could do one or two presentations a day for
that fee. Where this starts to get synergetic is that he is willing to
charge $7,500 for two days or $10,000 for four days. I am not being
compensated in any way for arranging this. I am doing this because I
think Col. Hubbard and his message is worth hearing and I think we could
organize successful and productive client, prospect, employee and
outside organizational events around his talks.

This e-mail is being sent to UBS colleagues and management in Phoenix,
Scottsdale and Los Angeles and to my brother, Rodney Freeman, in Los
Angeles. Rodney is considering having Col. Hubbard speak at one or two
organizations that he is involved in. I am trying to make arrangements
where we all could schedule events and do it over a couple or a few
consecutive days so that we could keep the cost down. Col. Hubbard is
very agreeable to do this and he is willing to work with us to make this

Latest Testimonial About Ed Hubbard

Hi everyone,

In my 30 years of attending and now running Sales Conferences, I have never taken the time to pass on a recommendation for a Motivational Speaker…until now. I had the pleasure of hearing Col. Ed Hubbard speak to the ABA Retirement Funds Sales team…Candidly, after he spoke, I saw men and women in tears and simultaneously extremely energized by their own possibility…


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