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Here at Positive Vectors, Inc. it is our primary goal to inspire and teach the potential of every human in a wide variety of walks of life. As a result, different communication styles are required depending on the need, take a look below at the four primary options we offer:

“Human Potential: A State of Mind”

During this presentation, I relate the valuable lessons learned in the captivity to the real world
where we must live and work every day. Through examples of what we were able to achieve
physically and mentally, with no resources, under the harshest conditions, I intend to pro-
vide greater understanding of the true, untapped, human potential and create a new attitude
where people become passionately committed to the revitalization of America. (Normal
length approximately one hour and ten minutes)

“The Price of Success”

This presentation was developed because of a perception among many that the price of
success is too high a price to pay. It is my intent to convince the necessary ingredients to
be successful. We merely need to change our perpective and our attitude so that we might
properly cultivate those ingredients. I disucss Pride, Responsibility, Innovation, Courage,
and Enthusiasm and how each fits into the equation. I give examples of the amazing results
you can achieve at this “PRICE.” (Normal length one hour)

“Let Me Try”

This presentation actually grew from my ever increasing frustration brought on by an amaz-
ing number of “leaders” whose only answer seems to be “You can’t do that.” This is prima-
rily aimed at people in management and supervisory positions. It is my attempt to eliminate
many of the myths and misconceptions about the duties and responsibilities of a leader…
those things that have brought the American economy to it knees. (Normal length thirty

“Adult Conversations”

This portion is not a formal presentation, but done more in an interactive seminar style. The
intent is to gather together a cross section of personnel in a given organization and create a
prioritized list of things that must happen in order to move toward the organizational vision.
I have done this exercise with groups from ten to six hundred individuals. (Normal length
can run from two to eight hours, depending on the size of the group and the end result

Latest Testimonial About Ed Hubbard

Hi everyone,

In my 30 years of attending and now running Sales Conferences, I have never taken the time to pass on a recommendation for a Motivational Speaker…until now. I had the pleasure of hearing Col. Ed Hubbard speak to the ABA Retirement Funds Sales team…Candidly, after he spoke, I saw men and women in tears and simultaneously extremely energized by their own possibility…


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